31 May 2017

wenn ich die augen schließe sagt der grüne turm "ich liebe dich"
dann muss er kotzen und geht weg

22 April 2017

no, i don't want a fucking bemo.

hä, schon april. alles so schön diesmal. in meiner welt jedenfalls, der rest schreit. wie schade.

30 November 2016

we found this old björk-cd on the street and now we spend all our time at the studio listening to that record, getting black hand from charcoal
drawings and proclaim how easy life could be.and at the end of the day i always wonder if it really could?

all we do is getting high, high, high.

persian poets describe the eye lashes as arrows of love and compare great love with eternal drunkenness.

06 November 2016


16 October 2016

ui, toll.

.... and you crawled out of the sea, straight into my arms, straight into my arms.