30 October 2012


27 October 2012

young believers, come and see her.

hello george, you are absolutely lovely.

24 October 2012

my skull.

 long lonely walks. 

21 October 2012


hallo, augen auf dem badezimmerboden und ein kleines kind. einen schönen sonntag wünsch ich euch!

18 October 2012

sexy sweater.

so sieht es aus, wenn man als fotograph verkackt & alles zweimal belichtet.
voll der shit.

15 October 2012

drive our ships to moonland.

 i'm going but i need a little time. i promised i would drown myself in mystic heated wine.

10 October 2012

laughing colors singing in your brain.

n°1 magie.
n°2 the force is with me.
n°3 fubu, bitches.
n°4 bebiradierer nwargh.
n°5 annes niggabling.
n°6 bebi.
n°7 sex.
n°8 ein ohrring.
n°9 ultimativer spinat. 

07 October 2012

she's such a pussy.

 my bebi meow bebi meow meow 
bebi meow bebi meow yeah bebi
 meow meow bebi meow meow meow 
bebi liebe bebi meow bebilucy meow