20 February 2013

a day off

i didn't went to school today.
just because i didn't feel like seeing all those people, all those faces.
instead i went to the libary and had some lecture of gerhard richter. he's a quite interesting painter. i admire his protraits a lot, but i never knew that he draws them after photos. i found it surprising to see that my favorite work shows a girl that was murdered and richter found her photo in the newspaper one day and painted her afterwards.
because i needed coffee - my weariness is overwhelming at the moment - i decided to get some at the coffeshop. i sat there, burnt my tongue and watched people passing by.
i sat next to a woman and somehow we talked to each other, but not with words with glances.
outside the shop was a clump of people, smoking. the dust of their cigarettes faded away so quickly, just as the toughts and emotions the smoker blew out with it.
i asked the woman if we could do that again but sadly she was a passenger.


  1. das ist so wunderschön geschrieben.

  2. ich liebe das, das mit den gedanken die man aus seinem kopf raucht, ich liebe das.

  3. Ich weiß nichtmals warum, aber irgendwie liebe ich das total !

  4. Beautiful, sometimes days like these are what you just need, a break from the rest xx


  5. gerhard richter is a painter who is trying lot of different ways of art and this is so fantastic, i think. erna

  6. du hast echt Talent. Und du inspirierst mich.
    Ist euer blog echt authentischer als Tumblr. <3


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